Step one, plan the worlds most epic hustle, step 2 hustle, step three dont drink that much, step 4

Ok so i have been drinking pretty hard and being a fucking douche about it!
Why because i’m super fucking westside from a midwest big hick city and a big hick farm big in grain with a big ass family name!

Lol gonna get wasted play eruo trucker and pack all night west side party up in here!

If anyone calls the cops well lets just hope they bring drinks and weed haha!


So update lol Been smoking weed like a red necked asshole!

I want to have a good week

I have been using head phones!

I could use a quieter key board!

Learning is fun!

I have been driving simulated big rig all over Norway, Sweden and Denmark!

I refuse to take any jobs that take me through finsland they seem wack as fuck and i would just make other white people feel bad yelling stupid honky!

OMFG!! Lets get serious and get working! on big community plans not just little tiny single apartment sized plans I’m talking Hitler like reform of the current power balance of landlord tenant this shit is hardcore, you either with me or well you probably aint great at politics but don’t worry we got your back!

so great moments in this one man gaming while drunk blog I’ve figured out immediate plans look for work, Temporary part time work but work none the less i got supplement my income while being not stressed!

I got some dank ass orange crush!

Not much i wanted to save my money for better weed lol i just finished off my dank ass NYC cheese i don’t know what it is about strains with a NYC prefix but its like you can taste the garbage filled back alleys over the sweet scent of bums pissing the street mixed with the thunderous food stuffs from hipster cheese shops fallowed by a fruity pallete! and it makes everywhere smell like a dank fuck vid!

note to self become a part time weed reviewer you know how to sell weed by writing about it! and got damn that was beautiful

you want your weed reviewed in fact send it to me pay me $100 to smoke like one gram and I will either destroy your rep or it will be photographed and featured in a yearly publication! I would review dabs but thats so yesterday and hiel Hitler bitches on the dab department i dont really want to smoke your dabs if they havent been de-waxed, and purged of all solvent as well as preserving as many terpenes as possible, like sorry i may not be able to spell every term off by heart but sure as shit i will learn just to destroy the boundaries of common knowledge and careers!

i got the dog but i am gonna go back to truck driving so he can sleep!

also gonna go buy some sweet knew things i’ll be moving onto my own island! and life will be good! from there the future!

haha the scandinavian authorities have not discoverd i’m riding dirty and keep giving me excellent ratings now to build a super computer just for this game!

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