Alot of work

So been a busy future so far.


Like i havent had anytime to write on here. Things got crazy as they always do seems to be an overall life arch i go on.


I super lost it when someone i love lost it and decided this was way to painful to see someone crippling themselves so i have  drummed up alot of work created contravesry where in needed creating and re assembled my A-team. Kept moving forward.

Working on stacking cash right now to tour the world. It will be fun. I went full bill hicks on an social media manager one day. Haha always go full bill hicks on social media marketers lol.

So now i have many projects on the go writing music, working with people i pick not people others try to get me to work with. And i am fully set up for custom clothing work at $100 per hour.


Lol back on shit book being a facefucker but that’s my own thing, It’s great to yell political suggestion peoples faces in helpful ways.

I have been working about 19 hours a day minus coffee and food breaks, i have about 6 major things for me in the works. Putting the world on the world stage is hard work but it makes me happy been doing a lot more art out in public .


haha really am getting knuckle tattoos and going out on tour when i get the logistics of it sorted out. Found a good tattoo artist who can do the kind of work i want done.


Haha and i’m spitting mad bars at any bar that will let me in got black balled from downtown for just about going up side the bouncers head for being a punk bitch kid with a 35 year old on his birthday like for real that was a bad mistake on the downtown’s business core and I’ve already started to dismantle their deceptions of the public trust, haha wasnt even drunk went and chatted with a homie five seconds later and dem boys was looking like they was fearing a drive by wow, naw i just went to a even better shitty bar and complained hard about the bs downtown while having one hell of a great time.  was chatting with my old roommate but that dude seems to ask to get clowned every time he opens his mouth yo i don’t care how much you hit a gym i throw bears off mountain tops at will and I’m not talking about the human miss use of the word bear naw I’m talking about animals that will most likely gnaw your face of with one miss step.


hmm well that’s about all i have been up too a lot of everything and getting up on the waterfronts ! 2017-05-05 01.34.04









Published by: mitch fourtwenty

I write fiction, do street art, used to paint trains but that's really hard when your old, they just always seemed so dull and NY had better trains then we did with more color so i always liked throwing paint at my trains, I have one main blog which is my idea board which you are probably free to steel from just don't let me catch you with my more professional lawyers, I was depressed at one point in life because people kept pointing out i was different then them thanks, I guess i am, I don't fit in anywhere particular but I'm pretty happy because it seems like instead i fit in everywhere. I occasionally use grape vines to talk at some people, which are slow but un hack-able, I'm also my own medical researcher and a host of other nifty job titles i don't mind doing for myself it makes me happier each day! I am intelligent to the point where i'm hyper curious about things so i tend to ask alot of question about stuff if peole dont piss on me for having the super human ability of curiosity which keeps me learning despite a system that turned its back on me long ago, I still survive and write, one day i might go public but considering I'm probably wanted in my home town and don't even know it because i never got caught i don't often clue people in on who i am on earth, on the inter webs. while i have many masks that may seems scary even to some people I'm genuinely just a man making his community a better place to live for everyone he talks to that ever had a sad story who erased my metal ass face? I liked my metal face?

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