Observations of the Rat Race Effect!

I’m writing this because while angry i read this this “There is more to being a good person than just smiling at everyone and holding the door open for old ladies” to which I agree with mostly and at the same time kinda don’t

Well I’m sure there are a few different interpretations of the term rat race so for the sake of me actually making a point or any sense right now I’ll clarify for the purposes of this blog what is being defined by the term. Rat Race refers to  the act of trying to survive through the traditional western path of going to work getting married.

No ones saying it’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of hard work in fact it takes more work than ever if you’re starting at the bottom(Private school kids that get handed a well run company still don’t count as worked hard but they did go through some hard shit) but you guys are all people to and honestly I hope one day you yourselves remember that, to me what you went through would be a punishment so I’m really sorry you had to go through that shit). The point I’m trying to make is you may have worked too hard and perhaps that’s really helped you loose site of the very basics of being a good person which is holding the door open for everyone not just little old ladies and generally being a pleasant person to those around you!

The rat race is not an easy thing to endure it will claw back at your soul I’m pretty sure that’s how the phrase came to be your just a rat chasing a piece of cheese and that’s all you get when you want another piece of cheese you either run the maze get the reward of one more day or you gotta drop out and if you aren’t willing to hunt n gather do what ever it takes at that point I’m sorry you’re done. OMFG that’s some stressful ass sounding shit, that kinda life is rough and not healthy sounding but its kinda reality as i understand it for a lot of people.

My life isn’t easy either, I get a small tiny check that 99% of it goes to bills to. in the near future my income is going to increase to a measly $200 which in the 80’s boy could i have done a lot with and i sure can still do something with it just not as much for instance i could have bought a Nintendo with that shit can get no xbox or playstation at that mind you a Nintendo is still thousand dollars in today money i look forward to using my wheel barrow to buy bread and milk one day. sometimes when I’m really broke one of my friends will buy me supper because they know I’m broke because I pay my bills as much as i can, i always keep exactly ten dollars to be selfish as fuck with. I regularly get chased out of apartments building as a collective effort because I’m bi-polar, no i am not just given government funded housing and I’d rather that shit goes to single parent anyway and until I’m a single parent, or catatonic and can no longer speak for myself and just rock back and forth muttering I don’t think I really need it.   I occasionally sell art, if i happen to meet the right people with money I’m actually a smart guy and can create business that create real jobs. So I gotta admit despite the challenges someday My future always seems bright and I keep pegging away at it which gives me some real hope and i always get the door for people unless your not welcome where ever i am. which is pretty much my house and i tend to show a lot more people the door than hold it open i still remember to smile at people if I’m not taking a walk in a near catatonic state to break out of it,a but sometimes i still hold the door open even in that state.

That leaves me with with the question if i can do how come you people that claim normality seem to have such a hard time with the basics and from i have seen spend a lot of time making excuses for what ever petty crap they just pulled and the fact they forgot the basics often right around when life become comfortable.



I’m a little upset at the moment with people not fulfilling the basic implied social contract of living in apartments so thought I’d write another piece of preachy shit and swing that shit around considering I’m probably headed for a court case I’m being forced to throw around. Hey I’m still  behaving about it and I feel like some kind of giant superman cause it’s pretty open and shut done with. I’ve come to the conclusion you can hand a man/child a gold plated shovel and every time instead of breaking soil for growth they will always dig a hole so deep and stand so close to the edge that a tick fart beside them could put them over that edge.


TL;DR Be good act mature about stuff and don’t let the shit you go through to survive and come up in the world dictate the kind of human you choose to be. be thankful your not a bastard with grubby teeth who swears way to much and believe me the shit that’s come out of my mouth when I’m out of control would make Mel Gibson blush drunk while out of control trust me when i say that’s what makes my life hard to navigate, but i accept that and don’t shy away from saying sorry I’m kinda me it not pretty if i cross my own lines i accept that and pay up for it not everyone can say that, this occasional writer sure as everyone shits can say that with confidence. I’m calling not being a decent person and using the rat races as an excuse is bullshit and anyone using that flimsy excuse knows it I’m calling that the rat race effect and observable symptom in a cross section of society!


have a good one internet don’t forget to try and be a decent human might make your life easier if you haven’t figured that out yet. If you find your self in a very serious situation just get more serious than them they will bend like a flake.



Published by: mitch fourtwenty

I write fiction, do street art, used to paint trains but that's really hard when your old, they just always seemed so dull and NY had better trains then we did with more color so i always liked throwing paint at my trains, I have one main blog which is my idea board which you are probably free to steel from just don't let me catch you with my more professional lawyers, I was depressed at one point in life because people kept pointing out i was different then them thanks, I guess i am, I don't fit in anywhere particular but I'm pretty happy because it seems like instead i fit in everywhere. I occasionally use grape vines to talk at some people, which are slow but un hack-able, I'm also my own medical researcher and a host of other nifty job titles i don't mind doing for myself it makes me happier each day! I am intelligent to the point where i'm hyper curious about things so i tend to ask alot of question about stuff if peole dont piss on me for having the super human ability of curiosity which keeps me learning despite a system that turned its back on me long ago, I still survive and write, one day i might go public but considering I'm probably wanted in my home town and don't even know it because i never got caught i don't often clue people in on who i am on earth, on the inter webs. while i have many masks that may seems scary even to some people I'm genuinely just a man making his community a better place to live for everyone he talks to that ever had a sad story who erased my metal ass face? I liked my metal face?

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