Working or Something


When life gives you set backs you have a meltdown and hold a BBQ over the coals of injustice in the face of economic feudalism and roast a pig on the spit feed everyone and come out on top.

Well I mostly have my illegal art studio completely set up in a new place. It’s a secret location only known to a very few people.

Working on some nice tentacle/abstract fusion that will tickle you aesthetics nerves in fancy ways.


Weed shots will resume on Mondays soon, just not this week. In no way is it because I am facing charges for assaulting bullies. I’ll tell a bully off while taking a pictures of herbs with the other hand in broad day light because I have no problems admitting that exactly why I was in handcuffs on Friday. Still managed to get some partying in after I got out. Fuck them haters trying to shit on my Friday thinking they succeed in what all they did was get me a free ride down town.

So as long as the judge is not totally corrupt I will get off more than likely if I randomly disappear I am in jail for how ever long the idiots want to put me in their for but I doubt that will be the case. I plan on reading books if that’s the case for how ever long they can hold me in imprisoned unjustly

Oh I can’t get a lawyer until the day of court apparently because I am on disability. so honestly I have no clue whats happening I just know I was the only person making any sense that day. I have a lot of complaints about stacking the deck against the overly stressed mentally ill artist guy but hey that’s life in a the economic feudal society of Canada, at least I got a dope new trucker hat and fresh vintage Porsche shades to rock.

I’ll be working on painting, some angry poems and maybe I’ll find time to tell off some tourists and turn it into entertainment for none tourist. you’ll still see stuff on the three days a week I will actually let myself post don’t want to accidentally shot myself in the foot here.










Published by: mitch fourtwenty

I write fiction, do street art, used to paint trains but that's really hard when your old, they just always seemed so dull and NY had better trains then we did with more color so i always liked throwing paint at my trains, I have one main blog which is my idea board which you are probably free to steel from just don't let me catch you with my more professional lawyers, I was depressed at one point in life because people kept pointing out i was different then them thanks, I guess i am, I don't fit in anywhere particular but I'm pretty happy because it seems like instead i fit in everywhere. I occasionally use grape vines to talk at some people, which are slow but un hack-able, I'm also my own medical researcher and a host of other nifty job titles i don't mind doing for myself it makes me happier each day! I am intelligent to the point where i'm hyper curious about things so i tend to ask alot of question about stuff if peole dont piss on me for having the super human ability of curiosity which keeps me learning despite a system that turned its back on me long ago, I still survive and write, one day i might go public but considering I'm probably wanted in my home town and don't even know it because i never got caught i don't often clue people in on who i am on earth, on the inter webs. while i have many masks that may seems scary even to some people I'm genuinely just a man making his community a better place to live for everyone he talks to that ever had a sad story who erased my metal ass face? I liked my metal face?

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