Oh Yay Election Season in Canada(Much joy at many opportunities to bang my head into a brick wall)

So it is election season in Canada and while most people aren’t probably watching to closely it will be interesting. So many Questions about Canada will be decided by this next one. Will Canada finally vote out their economically short sighted dictator? If not will we descend into into a tyrannical police state that props up organized crime simply by making the kind of laws that do just that? Will Stephan Harper be implicated like many suspect he is the Duffy scandal and if so can we throw the bum out of office even if he wins? Will Jesus come threw Canada on his raptor with Abe Lincoln throwing out pounds of pot George Washington grew in his basement because that kinda shit is still illegal most places now a days and everyone should be pissed of about that? Will the concerned parents league of buzz killing assholes finally mellow out and actually be mindful parents instead of neglecting their own kids while putting safety stickers on everything and banning fun?

I’m not gonna hold my breath if Harper wins no sense depriving my brain of oxygen just so I can think on his level once enough brain cells die off. The truth is I’m just going to prepare myself for the worst possible outcome. Which basically means  I’m going to watch as this whole country goes to hell in a hand basket cause body scanners are required to go to the movies and the grocery store like they would actually prevent a psychotic individual from shooting up the place if that’s what he was going to do(The real answer to mass shooting is a shift in the social paradigm to prevent people from going full retard by bettering everyone’s quality of life not just who ever can do something for us right now). lots of wars too because he has a big mouth and likes to run it so naturally he will get us all blown up and i am by no means saying be especially nice to people who currently want to blow us up but like many people learn don’t go sticking your nose everywhere with a big mouth without proper context. Big mouths are usually a problem and eventually they all learn not to be so crazy but when they have the power of a nation behind them and the ability to order men and women off to war they are especially dangerous problems creators.

We aren’t far enough into this record breaking campaign to tel anything serious but we are far enough in it that everyone including me can get everything out of the way that’s complete nonsense. Hopefully the secure everything crowd realizes they are just spending money to have a feeling rather then actually being truly secure that would come from diplomacy and cooperation to name a few place those things come from and vote based on real issues for once instead of with their consumer retard boners and not the brain.

My brain already hurts because of all three major candidates most of them are fluent in LCD and stupid has never concerned me as a opinion that should matter and neither has non compassionate view points real leaders care about the well being of everyone not just the chosen few which explains why religion will be going extinct one day.

I’ll ramble more when this thing actually gets really going but so far its been a lot of hot air a few promises about nothing really meaningful except the tyrant threats from Harper’s camp

Published by: mitch fourtwenty

I write fiction, do street art, used to paint trains but that's really hard when your old, they just always seemed so dull and NY had better trains then we did with more color so i always liked throwing paint at my trains, I have one main blog which is my idea board which you are probably free to steel from just don't let me catch you with my more professional lawyers, I was depressed at one point in life because people kept pointing out i was different then them thanks, I guess i am, I don't fit in anywhere particular but I'm pretty happy because it seems like instead i fit in everywhere. I occasionally use grape vines to talk at some people, which are slow but un hack-able, I'm also my own medical researcher and a host of other nifty job titles i don't mind doing for myself it makes me happier each day! I am intelligent to the point where i'm hyper curious about things so i tend to ask alot of question about stuff if peole dont piss on me for having the super human ability of curiosity which keeps me learning despite a system that turned its back on me long ago, I still survive and write, one day i might go public but considering I'm probably wanted in my home town and don't even know it because i never got caught i don't often clue people in on who i am on earth, on the inter webs. while i have many masks that may seems scary even to some people I'm genuinely just a man making his community a better place to live for everyone he talks to that ever had a sad story who erased my metal ass face? I liked my metal face?

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